The Journey Begins!! Podcast Episode #1

20151204_085607I’ve edited this ride, it’s a “Family Friendly” trip!

“If you’re not careful, you might just learn something!”  – Larreeex


Podcast Episode #1

Sending My Children To Bed Hungry  &  Visiting the Orphanage

This first story is about the pain and anguish a parent feels when they can’t provide a meal for their children before bed time. Also the 2nd story is about the joy the writer feels after visiting an orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico!

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I’m at … or snail mail me at P.O.Box 10116 Moreno Valley, CA. 92552. If you send me your info I promise to send you some goodies from one of our WONDERFUL sponsors free of charge. If you’d like to help me with postage, that would be great send .50 or more to the above address or Pay Pal ( but, I’m going to send you something rather you help or not. Like I said on the cast “I just want to Bless You!”.



Note: I will never sell your information or distribute it in any way. It will always remain private while with me!

2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins!! Podcast Episode #1

  1. I really like your Christian stories and pod cast my brother . I am recently back in the fold of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Yes i strayed away and committed blasphemy. But i serve an awesome God and he is merciful and full of grace. Thank you Jesus for not letting me Parrish in my folly!


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