Podcast Episode #5

Her Interracial Marriage,  How Do I tell Her I lost My Job!,      55 Year Old Freshman

*Her Interracial Marriage describes how a Buddhist marries a devout Christian and learns from his Christian walk and stellar example.

* How do I tell her I lost my Job describes  how a wonderful wife and faith in God directs the writers path.

*55 Year Old Freshman describes how a retiree returns to school despite objections from friends and family.

6 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #5

  1. Hey Larry! This is awesome! Or, should I say For real!! What a blessing to listen to your message today. I have been experiencing some hack issues with FB so giving it a break for a while but when I checked in to download some of my pictures I came across this info and what a refreshing perspective on things. Thank you for your message guy. Looking forward to see what God will do next! Gus


  2. Thank you for sharing brother Larry ! I really appreciate all the love ,support and words of encouragement.. I listened all ..more power to You! 🙏


  3. Good morning Larry,

    The podcast is cool. I really enjoy your story’s. Keep them coming. May the Lord bless your new minisrty, Godspeed!

    Brother Gil…


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