Unwrap Your Present!

Podcast Episode #223

The author tells a story of his 12 year old self and how he couldn’t wait to go downstairs on Christmas Day to enjoy the present he’d been waiting for, for over two years. He also reminds us that we have a present or the free gift of salvation that will forever change our lives once we open it or accept Jesus Christ as Saviour,  Lord of all Creation, Father and Friend! Why wait, unwrap your present NOW!


2 thoughts on “Unwrap Your Present!

  1. When I was a child during the Christmas period, I asked my Mom what gift would you like to receive. She replied Cheers and nobody is missing next year, like all the children I told her no Mom a real gift! today I realized how right she was Because gifts don’t count for anything if at Christmas the chairs at the table are empty. Amen


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