Podcast Episode #212

“Let’s Play A Game”!

In this episode, the author returns to an old familiar game that was very popular in a previous show several months ago. So, get your paper and pen ready to participate in a short 10 question game of Bible Trivia! Just this week, we’ll take a little detour from the usual format.

Bro. “L”

Jeopardy “Think” music is the property of Merv Griffin Enterprises and Coca-Cola – 1986.  

Podcast Episode #211

“Regrets, I’ve Had A Few”

A good friend of the author shares with him a few of his biggest regrets from his past. The author  lets him know that even God our father had  regrets about creating mankind before the flood (Genesis 6:7) so, he shouldn’t be too hard on himself. The author also speaks on the best way forward.


Podcast Episode #208

Satan Holds A Grudge!

The author recalls a story from 2001 when he was on-the-road with other professional musicians. One of his colleagues who was recently engaged to be married; faced strong temptation from a woman who was perfectly cut from his fantasies. Because he was able to flee the temptation he feels like Satan has been holding a grudge against him ever since! Let’s see what scripture has to say.


Podcast Episode #206

“Take Your MEDICINE ! “

A friend of the author calls him to ask for prayer after stumbling and falling into sin, even though he’s been saved a long time and is not a back-slider. The author assures him that we serve a forgiving and loving God who will not turn his back on His children and after repentance; God will welcome him back with open arms and forget all tresspasses!  

Bro. “L”

Podcast Episode #205


The author references an Alternative Rock song from 1994 whose hook was undefinable but, leaned toward describing those who get caught up in the hype-of-the-day and become “infected and affected” by false teaching and personality cults. Note: Cling to God’s word only!

Bro. “L”

Special music by: Bad Religion – 1994 – “Infected”  

Podcast Episode #204

” C H A N G E !”

The author, like many of us has gone through tremendous “changes” in the last two years. He seeks to remind us by way of encouragement that, change can be a very good thing for each of us if we are open to learning, being flexible and figuring out where we fit into the inevitable future events soon to unfold. He also examines what the Bible says about “change”.

Bro. “L”