Podcast Episode #159

Underutilized Gifts !!

The author has a conversation with one of his long time friends and tries to convince him that even though he is generous with his time and money, he could give more of himself through utilizing the gifts that God has blessed him with! And we the listeners should examine ourselves to see if we are over-looking gifts that we could be sharing and blessing others with.

Background music by: Harry A. Teabout IV

Podcast Episode #158

ANY Major Dude Will Tell You……..?

The author speaks about that “dude” in every town that is well connected, and how the dude he knows is all about riding that fine line between good and bad, right and wrong, saint and sinner, while keeping the TRUTH as his north star! 

Background beats by: Harry A. Teabout – 2007

Podcast Episode #157

A Limited Amount of Sun Rises! – Goodbye Gil

The author is reminded that tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us, as he works through the grief of losing  yet another brother in Christ. He uses this time to remember and honor his good friend Gilbert Reyes who crossed over into eternity this past Wednesday 9/1/21.

Podcast Episode #155

My Favorite WORD !!

The Author asks, “what’s your favorite word”? As he gives examples of different age groups and what they often gravitate toward. He reveals his favorite word, “FORGIVEN”, and the different forms of it listed in the Bible 146 times! We in Christ Jesus are forgiven once and, for all times!

Podcast Episode #154


The Author woke up with a song from some of his old acquaintances “The Unforgiven” in his head, and the song that almost made them famous was “I Hear The Call”. This put him in the mind of asking the listeners; what is your calling?

Special background Music by: The Unforgiven – I Hear The Call – 1986

Podcast Episode #153

What Is Permissible?….Ask God !

The author re-tells the story of one of his closest friends who decided to give up performing secular music for Contemporary Christian Music, only to end up returning to it for financial reasons and; the uncomfortable confrontation he encountered with a prospective new employer (Worship Leader)! The encounter leads to a conversation centered around his personal Christian liberty.

Special background music by: Harry A. Teabout IV – 2007

Podcast Episode #152


The author briefly speaks about family and, how important family is and how fortunate we are as believers to be grafted into the family of God. He also apologizes for posting late as it was due to honoring family!

Special background music by: Sly & The Family Stone – 1971-Remix, Family Affair 

Podcast Episode #150

They Don’t Phase Me Any More!

The Author recalls how in his youth he held many people in high regard, only to find out later in life that in God’s eyes they are no better than himself regardless of their station!

Special Background Music by: Simon Russell – Sad & Alone, Leave A Light On – Bare Bones 1997