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Due to circumstances beyond our control in editing, Podcast #221 will air at a later date.

We at imforrealyesitztrue.com want to apologize for the technical mishap that took place at the editing studio which caused us to have to use an older encore presentation. This is an episode that has been requested so, we hope it’s a blessing to you! The episode with our first in-studio (video) guest will air next week. God Bless 


“What’s The Rush?!”

Podcast Episode #220

The author wants to remind those of us with busy and active lives to slow down in the new year and take 10 minutes each morning to meet with our Lord. He lays out an easy 10 minute game plan that anyone can follow. Let us all just, take a breath, slow the pace, and give time to God before rushing on with our days!


So, What’s Your Problem?

Podcast Episode #219

The author recalls the story of a musician who seemed to have an obvious physical impairment who was able to rise far above it to achieve his goals. He also gives us a parallel example of another situation involving a disfigured animal who; despite its shortcomings was able to adapt and function as well as any of its kind! So, What’s Your Problem?!  


An Absence Of Joy?

Podcast Episode #218

The author reads a letter from a young man who’s struggling with balancing life as a Christian and dealing with isolation in the secular world. The young man is strong in his faith but still feels like he’s on the outside of the circle when not involved in Church World. He asks the author for a word of wisdom from scripture.

Bro. “L”

Never Neglect Friendships

Podcast Episode #217

The author reminds us of how important our friendship relationships are and how we shouldn’t neglect them. Our time together flies by so quickly, and life changes constantly so; we should always make an effort to stay connected. We also take a small snapshot (or snippet) of what the Bible says about  friendships!

Bro. “L”

Fish! (not just on Friday)

Podcast Episode #216

The author revisits a conversation he had with a friend who was starting to get discouraged when he tried ministering and witnessing to people who never seemed to have the time to listen. The author offered encouraging advice and also asks the audience to continue following  as we start to reach out to a broader audience. God is doing a work here!!

Bro “L”

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Podcast Episode #215

“The Phony Timer!”

The author reminds us that we should carefully inspect the words, deeds and intentions of those who say that they love our Lord and Savior but, don’t appear to. Without judgement, use discernment and see if everything lines up. Check out the story from the authors BC (before Christ) days and you’ll see what we mean. It’s okay to be a FRUIT inspector!


Podcast Episode #214

PC or JC, Which Is It?

The author speaks about the recent cultural trend of “Self Identifying” and the liberties people take when trying to convince others of who they believe themselves to be! Much of what is on display is falsehood and prideful posturing. So, will you be “politically correct” or “Jesus correct?”  Choose this day, your truth. 


Podcast Episode #213

“Bo’s Letter”

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This past week, the author was contacted by a friend who shared an encounter he had with a stranger he lifted up in prayer after noticing how distressed he looked. The stranger returned to thank the friend for prayer and to let him know that God is doing a great work in his life- Amen!


Podcast Episode #212

“Let’s Play A Game”!

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In this episode, the author returns to an old familiar game that was very popular in a previous show several months ago. So, get your paper and pen ready to participate in a short 10 question game of Bible Trivia! Just this week, we’ll take a little detour from the usual format.

Bro. “L”

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