Podcast Episode #177

Yes Or No, Which Is It?

The author is reminded of one of his old “Road-Mates”, which gifted him with many great memories and also a tune that spoke of a persons ambivalence.  He reminds us of how we should let our “Yes be yes, and our No be no! We should CHOOSE a life with Christ at the center. 

Podcast Episode #176

“No Respecter Of Persons !”

The author speaks about how some people think that more devout Christians have a “direct-line” to God and, that He hears and answers those people quicker than others! However, the Bible clearly disputes that way of thinking.

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Podcast Episode #175

Family Is Where You Find It !!

The author examines different definitions of what we call family and, how family isn’t always built on blood relationships. He also looks at the Christian definition and how we as members of the “household-of-faith” are eternally connected.

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Podcast Episode #174

Stop Being PETTY !!

The author briefly tells the story of an old acquaintance that thought God had forgotten about his faithfulness, and rewarded someone else who didn’t seem to know, love or value the things that God loves….(hint), he was greatly mistaken!

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Podcast Episode #172

T’was The Night Before Christmas !

The author continues his end of the year tradition by reading, “T’was The Night Before Christmas”. The author and his family would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Remember that Jesus is the reason for the Season! God Bless.

Podcast Episode #171

Grace Extended To Me !!

The author speaks about a time when he himself was homeless and how God sent help to him on many occasions; he also reminds the listeners that we should look for opportunities to bless those less fortunate because if it wasn’t for God’s grace; those less fortunate could be us!

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Podcast Episode #170

“Imperfect Christians!”

The author noticed an alarming trend as he saw several long-time parishioners leave their local church and not return. After inquiring he discovered a few good reasons and one terrible reason; he addresses that terrible reason and how we all can do better. 


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Podcast Episode #169

“Simply, Be Kind”

A guest at the authors Thanksgiving dinner table saw a crime in progress against his rude neighbor’s property and, chose to not get involved and allow the “world” to administer street justice. Would you do the same? Let’s examine what God thinks about it.

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Podcast Episode #168

Special (?)…Original (hmmmm?)

The author has a conversation with one of his old musician friends. His friend lets him know that he believes God made us “special” but not original. Too many of us have similarities that favor each other so, how could we possibly be original? The author answers his friends questions, tune in!

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