Podcast Episode #130

Will Judgement Never End ??

A very close aquaintance of the author recounts his experiences leaving behind the world of crime after coming to Christ and the trust issues that men have in believing that his conversion is real.

Podcast Episode #129

Please…Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One !!

The Author tell the story of one of his more comical aquaintances who is also a brother in Christ, and how his appearance and demeanor often leaves others wondering if he’s being serious or joking. We find that he is most serious about what’s most important!

Podcast Episode #128

An Otherwise Good Man !!

One of the authors best friends confides in him and reveals his secret sin. The friend as well as the listeners are reminded that there are absolutely no sinless people, and that God is quick to forgive a repentant heart!

Special music by: James Taylor – 1970

Podcast Episode #127

Magic?…NO, Miracle!!

The author retells the nearly hard-to-believe story from one of his closest friends, and the lesson that God implanted upon his heart. God is still in the business of producing miracles, but sometimes we’re just too busy to see them!

Podcast Episode #126

Order Two…One To Go!!

Two old friends of the author, while having lunch; discuss what the Bible says about mentoring those who are younger, even if you are a senior citizen!

Special music by: Stanley Clarke – 2014

Podcast Episode #125

You Got Questions…Really?

The author writes about a time in his own life when he thought he’d get all of his questions answered from someone he idolized; much like people think that they have questions that God needs to answer for them! Listen to what happens.

Special music by: Stanley Clarke -2014

Podcast Episode #123

I Think My Watch Stopped !!

A newly converted Christian who is under suspicion from his friends that he’s not forreal, goes through challenging times and is brought under conviction by a simple tract that dispays the truth of God’s word!

Podcast Episode #122

RELAX…, It’s Just A Talk!

Like a fly on the wall, our author listened in on an intimate conversation with two beloved brothers in Christ and retells the event for us! PARENTAL DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED!!

Podcast Episode #121

The SIGN !!

The author recalls an event that happened 3 days ago in which he was present to witness. After a difficult year, God shines a glimmer of hope through the clouds to remind His beloved that He is still on the throne, loves His people and hears the prayers of the faithful!