Podcast Episode #200

Almost Immortal!

The author reminds those of us who are mature that, we need to be careful of what we say and do so that we don’t unwittingly influence the next generation in negative ways! Let us lead by speaking  love and life into those who will come after us!



Podcast Episode #199

The Devil’s Got Levels!

In the past week, the author came across a mentally challenging situation where one of his dear, trusted Christian friends made a descriptive comment that made him feel like he and others like him are viewed as “types” and not individuals. He realized very soon after the incident that it was Satan trying to cause division among the brethren but, where did this division originate?

Bro. “L” 

Podcast Episode #198

Begrudgingly Obedient!!

The author tells the story of two of his friends who had a similar attitudes regarding obedience. One friend reluctantly had to obey his superiors at work and, the other reluctantly chose to obey God. Fortunately for the latter friend, God still chose to bless him even though his heart wasn’t in the request! Let’s check it out!

Bro. “L”

Podcast Episode #197

The RIGHT Way!

After an old friend demonstrates a bit of decency and decorum when asking for a favor, the author starts thinking about how easy it is to forget the “right way” of doing things. In this episode he challenges us with a quick game of “Right Way / Wrong Way“. Let’s see how well you do!


Podcast Episode #196

“EGO….Here We Go !!”

The author speaks about how we need to be careful when it comes to our ego and humility. Satan is the master of lies and deception and he has no problem in convincing us to think more of ourselves than we should. We are reminded to give God the glory for anything and everything we are!  

Bro. “L”

Podcast Episode #195

Balance Your Influence

The author speaks of a season in his early twenties when he was greatly influenced by the type of man he had hoped to become. Only to be even greater influenced by godly men later in his life that lived to honor God. He found that a balanced life of both can be achieved as long as God remains in 1st place!

Bro. “L”



Podcast Episode #194

Those Who Floss, Might Get Tossed!

The author speaks about two recent robberies in the LA area where the victims were displaying items of great worth that unfortunately attracted criminals to take advantage of them. These victims are not to blame for these mishaps but, in these dark and desperate times perhaps they should have been more focussed on laying up treasures in heaven rather than on their wrists?

Bro. “L”  

Podcast Episode #193

Use Your Time Wisely!

The author recalls a story from 1994 that he was told, regarding  a musician serving time for a robbery who used his incarceration to script a music book of Jazz Standard Songs from memory! The author wanted to make the point about “using our time wisely” however, there was a last minute discovery at the end of today’s story in which he tells us about… STAY TUNED!     (-pun intended-)

Bro. “L”


Podcast Episode #192

How Will They Remember You?”

The author, prompted by recent death events in his personal life asks the listener; “how will they remember you?” He shows us how different saints in the Bible were thought of and the legacy they left behind. What will your loved ones say about you when your time here has ended?

Bro. “L”

Background music by: Producer, Harry A. Teabout IV – 92MONDAY – 2022 

Podcast Episode #191

Make A Noiseful Joy !

The author talks about how worship offered to our Lord through music doesn’t have to be perfect or professionally crafted. The only real requirement is that it needs to be offered with a  servants heart, honestly delivered with gratitude and the focus remaining on Christ alone!

Bro. “L”

Background Music by: Producer, Harry A. Teabout IV – 92MONDAY – 2022