Podcast Episode #116

You Make Your Choices Or Your Choices Make You !!

The author tells a story given to him by an old friend that has had to live with regrets about choices made in her youth. Those choices have made a negative impact on her life and the lives of her children. Perhaps it’s not too late for God to turn it around??

Podcast #115 Correction!

Hey my beloved brothers and sisters, it was brought to my attention that, I mis-spoke at the end of Podcast #115 when I said that Ananias & Sapphira fell dead at the feet of the Apostle Paul; it was actually the Apostle Peter! Sorry dear friends, I always want to make sure I have it right. Love, Brother L.

Podcast Episode #115

Three Sheets To The Wind…(The Hypocrisy) !!

The author tells a story given by an old friend that describes a time in which he was disappointed by a co-worker that he thought was the epitome of uprightness and morality, only to find out that he was no more than a drunken adulterer. The author ties this in with a story in Acts chapter 5 regarding those who pretend!!

Sorry Good People, late post! Be Blessed 🙂 

Podcast Episode #114

I’m Not Superstitious…Knock On Wood!!


The author recalls a time in his life when so called “Bad Luck” seemed to follow him and those he cared for. He later learned that God was teaching him how to walk and not crawl!


Podcast Episode #113

The Choice Is Upon Us !!

The author speaks to the listener about the upcoming election without being political. He reminds us of how important it is to make the choice from your heart, and base it on who you are, and what you believe. Ultimately, God has the final word. Do your part…..GO VOTE !!

Special Edition Reboot!!

Halloween 2020 Replay of Podcast #21


The author revisits a story of one of his own personal experiences from the mid-90’s. This story even keeps most of the actual names of the people that were involved. This is just a brief reminder that the demonic realm is nothing to take lightly! If Jesus Christ isn’t the Lord of your life, be afraid….BE VERY AFRAID!

Special Music By: Big Lou “Bop” – Pied Piper 2018

Podcast Episode #112

Just Ride The Bus, God Knows Your Stop!

A listener writes in to talk about how God is always in control and only wants the best for His children, and how our plans may not be the best plan for our lives. – Let God Lead!

Podcast Episode #111

Whew, I’m Glad You’re Not In Charge!! 

    (I’m Glad I’m Not In Charge!)

One of the authors best friends recalls working for a man that was cruel for no apparent reason; and how his attitude almost roped the friend into un-Christlike behavior. Though rudeness seems to be the latest trending cruelty, God’s loving ways are timeless!

Podcast Episode #110

YES, God Can Use….Even You!!

The author recalls a conversation with a friend of a friend, that had a very low opinion of himself. He needed to be convinced that he wasn’t beyond God’s reach. The friend was shown in the Bible, other saints that had done worse things than he had, and were still used by God!