Podcast Episode #100

Err On The Side Of Kindness!!

A friend of the author describes how after many years of having a rigid personality, he was able to turn it around only to have his employer try to force a reversal! The author recounts his friends belief that there is a Satanic plot to keep us as a society separated and divided so that we will not bond or care for one another!

Podcast Episode #99

You  ARE  Missed!!

The author shares from several recent conversations with friends about the things that they miss before the “pandemic” and now, with insight from the Apostle Paul.

Special music by: The Rolling Stones- Miss You-1998, and Klymaxx- I Miss You- 1984


Podcast Episode #98

A Moment  Of Clarity !!

A listener writes to recount several life-changing “Moments of Clarity”, that taught him to not take any season of life for granted and; to not assume that you know the path that you are destine for!

Special music samples, courtesy of Bonnie Raitt, 1989.

Podcast Episode #97

The Good, The Bad, The Journey !!

The author leaves the usual format to answer an important question he received in the past week from another brother in Christ. He wanted to know; how can you tell who to trust in spiritual matters in a world where everyone is different but, claims to have the key  that unlocks the truth?!

Podcast Episode #96

What  Are  My  Choices ?!

A listener writes in to talk about choices and the freedom we have to make them. Our choices include the option to love God or to not love Him. We are urged by the writer to make the “Smart Choice”!

Special music for Episode #96 provided by the “New Wave” group DEVO, 5/16/1980.

Podcast Episode #95

WHO Got Your Back?

A listener writes to tell us how he’s always been the pillar of strength and reliance for all of those in his life, and it wasn’t until he had his own tragedy that he found out that God was always there lifting him up!

Podcast Episode #94

Win, Place, …..No Show!!

The author recalls a story involving two of his old friends. One was living an “Alternative Lifestyle” and hiding it from the other. The author gently shows us how there is just as much bigotry and distrust with those who practice such lifestyles as with those who don’t, and how God has the final say in all of our judgement!

Podcast Episode #93

Just Chill, I’m Workin’ On It!

A young man gets council about changing his ways from someone who has already been down the same road that he’s on, and makes a “U-turn” before crashing. He also learns about God’s grace and forgiveness while we are still living in this flesh!

Podcast Episode #92

Don’t Get Ready, … Stay Ready!!

The author recalls the time he spent with 90’s Hip Hop producer “Big Wiggle” and how he was always ready to make moves! He also draws a parallel as to how we should be as Christians, in or out of season!

Podcast Episode #91

My  Heart  HURTS, God Knows !

The author reflects on the tragic events of the last week in which an unarmed man (George Floyd) died at the hands of a law enforcement officer and; how many times this has happened in recent memory. The author also gives us a Biblical perspective on anger and advises us to seek the intervention of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost!