Podcast Episode #150

They Don’t Phase Me Any More!

The Author recalls how in his youth he held many people in high regard, only to find out later in life that in God’s eyes they are no better than himself regardless of their station!

Special Background Music by: Simon Russell – Sad & Alone, Leave A Light On – Bare Bones 1997

Podcast Episode #149

What’s Luck Got To Do With It !!

The Author speaks about the way we use the word “LUCK” and its origin. Is it real? Check out his take on it, and what the Bible says!

Special Intro Music by: The Brothers Johnson – Stomp! – 1980
Special background Music by: Al Stewart – Time Passages – 1978              

Podcast Episode #145

Don’t Think It Strange!!

The author reads a story recently submitted and understands the listeners thoughts of wanting to act out in the flesh but, knows that those thoughts and feelings are not from our Savior. This episode is also a second attempt to find out what you the  listener would rather have as a format so,…write and let us know! -L.

Special background music by: Harry T. IV

Podcast Episode #144

No Real Fear !!

The author shows his face! (try not to be alarmed…) This is an experimental podcast as the last 143 have all been “audio only”. The author is asking for feed-back from you the listeners as to whether or not we go this direction or follow the original path. Pray about it, then write to us!

Podcast Episode #143

Deadlines & Commitments !!

The author speaks about staying focused on what’s most important and what we should prioritize. He even calls himself out for sometimes over-loading his schedule and being late to publish! Good thing we aren’t one of God’s lesser priorities.

Special Music clip by: Chicago – Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is – 1969

Podcast Episode #142

The Emperor’s New Clothes? Kudos To The Kid!!

The author reminds us this week to not take everything at face value. Let’s carefully examine what’s being said to us and to balance it against our own “good common sense” and also the truth of scripture!!

Special Music by: Harry A. Teabout IV