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Podcast Episode #226

The author recalls a story given to him from a good friend several months ago when he was offered the opportunity to join several Motorcycle clubs that had different objectives and requirements. The friend made his choice however, our author had a different viewpoint based on the word of God.


Beginnings & Encouragement

Podcast Episode #225

The author and wish each and every one of you a Happy, Blessed, and Joyful New Year!! After a rough 2022, we are reminded that we serve a God of 2nd chances and more and that we simply need to start fresh (push the RESET)! Let’s make 2023 the year we draw even closer to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Special Music by: Chicago – Beginnings, 1969 

Where I First Heard The Christmas Story

Podcast Episode #224

On this final podcast of 2022, the author recalls a time in his childhood that allowed him to hear and understand the Christmas story through the watching of a popular cartoon that was a yearly favorite in his home and many throughout the U.S. Perhaps you’ll recall this as well?  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at:


Unwrap Your Present!

Podcast Episode #223

The author tells a story of his 12 year old self and how he couldn’t wait to go downstairs on Christmas Day to enjoy the present he’d been waiting for, for over two years. He also reminds us that we have a present or the free gift of salvation that will forever change our lives once we open it or accept Jesus Christ as Saviour,  Lord of all Creation, Father and Friend! Why wait, unwrap your present NOW!



Podcast Episode #222Rest In Peace Tino Melendez

The author has lost another dear brother in the last week. This long time friend was a great musician, singer, band leader and mentor from whom the author learned a lot about working in the music business. The author has had many mentors in his formative years as well as his later years, and the Bible has many examples of biblical mentorship as well as words of wisdom and encouragement for us to help lead others. Who will you take under your wings?

God’s Redeeming Grace

Podcast Episode #221

  In this first In-Studio interview the author asks his special guest questions about his earlier life and how God has lead him through to the present time. His successful journey is like many of ours after we’ve made the decision to follow Christ with our whole heart! Check out our first effort, (please forgive the fuzzy images -we’re in our infancy)


Encore Presentation

Due to circumstances beyond our control in editing, Podcast #221 will air at a later date.

We at want to apologize for the technical mishap that took place at the editing studio which caused us to have to use an older encore presentation. This is an episode that has been requested so, we hope it’s a blessing to you! The episode with our first in-studio (video) guest will air next week. God Bless 


“What’s The Rush?!”

Podcast Episode #220

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The author wants to remind those of us with busy and active lives to slow down in the new year and take 10 minutes each morning to meet with our Lord. He lays out an easy 10 minute game plan that anyone can follow. Let us all just, take a breath, slow the pace, and give time to God before rushing on with our days!