Podcast Episode #194

Those Who Floss, Might Get Tossed!

The author speaks about two recent robberies in the LA area where the victims were displaying items of great worth that unfortunately attracted criminals to take advantage of them. These victims are not to blame for these mishaps but, in these dark and desperate times perhaps they should have been more focussed on laying up treasures in heaven rather than on their wrists?

Bro. “L”  

Podcast Episode #193

Use Your Time Wisely!

The author recalls a story from 1994 that he was told, regarding  a musician serving time for a robbery who used his incarceration to script a music book of Jazz Standard Songs from memory! The author wanted to make the point about “using our time wisely” however, there was a last minute discovery at the end of today’s story in which he tells us about… STAY TUNED!     (-pun intended-)

Bro. “L”


Podcast Episode #192

How Will They Remember You?”

The author, prompted by recent death events in his personal life asks the listener; “how will they remember you?” He shows us how different saints in the Bible were thought of and the legacy they left behind. What will your loved ones say about you when your time here has ended?

Bro. “L”

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Podcast Episode #191

Make A Noiseful Joy !

The author talks about how worship offered to our Lord through music doesn’t have to be perfect or professionally crafted. The only real requirement is that it needs to be offered with a  servants heart, honestly delivered with gratitude and the focus remaining on Christ alone!

Bro. “L”

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Podcast Episode #190

Inclusion vs. Exclusion

The author recalls a situation in Costa Rica many years ago where you had to have certain knowledge of the local landscape in order to be included as part of the “In Crowd”. He uses  that story to draw a parallel between believers in Christ Jesus who are all now a part of Gods exclusive family!

Bro. “L”

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Podcast Episode #189

Rejoice and Be Glad…For OTHERS!!

The author saw a young, talented musician on TV in the past week in which he felt an immediate connection with and for some reason; “very proud of” even though they don’t know each other.  He wondered if the Bible had thoughts on how he should feel in a case such as this? Well of course, the Bible covers everything!  Happy Resurrection Day! 

Bro. “L”

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Podcast Episode #187

Justified ANGER ???!

After watching “day-time” television this past week, the author (Bro. “L”) saw an obvious injustice played out over the air waves and wondered; “Is there ever an occasion where God allows us to administer vengeance or “street justice” if the crime seems to be justifiable?” After a deep biblical dive, he gives us the answer. Maybe not the answer you’d like to hear…?

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Podcast Episode #186

Humility Is SANITY!!

The author decides to record this weeks episode outside near the lake on a windy day (not the best decision) however, he reflects on the events of the past week when he was at the mercy of others to take care of him after surgery. This brought up some hard lessons of humility, servanthood, and mercy, and how God wants us to be daily.

Bro. “L” 

Podcast Episode #185

Have A Cup, Then Offer It Up!

The author goes back to an audio format for just this one podcast. After undergoing surgery this past week he wasn’t feeling quite up to the video presentation. However, he asks that you pray in agreement with him during this cast as you enjoy your coffee.

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