Podcast Episode #205


The author references an Alternative Rock song from 1994 whose hook was undefinable but, leaned toward describing those who get caught up in the hype-of-the-day and become “infected and affected” by false teaching and personality cults. Note: Cling to God’s word only!

Bro. “L”

Special music by: Bad Religion – 1994 – “Infected”  

Podcast Episode #204

” C H A N G E !”

The author, like many of us has gone through tremendous “changes” in the last two years. He seeks to remind us by way of encouragement that, change can be a very good thing for each of us if we are open to learning, being flexible and figuring out where we fit into the inevitable future events soon to unfold. He also examines what the Bible says about “change”.

Bro. “L” 

Podcast Episode #202

“Sure, But It’ll Cost You! “

The author tells the story of an old friend who had an addiction to a snack that would actually give him a facial rash. His friend made the choice to suffer the consequences of eating the snack because doing without it would make his life much less enjoyable! Let’s see what scripture says about living with the consequences of our actions.  

Bro. “L”

Podcast Episode #201

“The DANCE !”

The author takes us back through decades and different styles of dancing. He also recalls a question given to a young pastor about rather or not we should dance? The Bible clearly shows many times that servants of the Lord were engaged in dance as a form of worship and gratitude!

Bro. “L”

Background music by Phils Harmonic 1995 – Sweet Corelia

Podcast Episode #200

Almost Immortal!

The author reminds those of us who are mature that, we need to be careful of what we say and do so that we don’t unwittingly influence the next generation in negative ways! Let us lead by speaking  love and life into those who will come after us!



Podcast Episode #199

The Devil’s Got Levels!

In the past week, the author came across a mentally challenging situation where one of his dear, trusted Christian friends made a descriptive comment that made him feel like he and others like him are viewed as “types” and not individuals. He realized very soon after the incident that it was Satan trying to cause division among the brethren but, where did this division originate?

Bro. “L” 

Podcast Episode #198

Begrudgingly Obedient!!

The author tells the story of two of his friends who had a similar attitudes regarding obedience. One friend reluctantly had to obey his superiors at work and, the other reluctantly chose to obey God. Fortunately for the latter friend, God still chose to bless him even though his heart wasn’t in the request! Let’s check it out!

Bro. “L”

Podcast Episode #197

The RIGHT Way!

After an old friend demonstrates a bit of decency and decorum when asking for a favor, the author starts thinking about how easy it is to forget the “right way” of doing things. In this episode he challenges us with a quick game of “Right Way / Wrong Way“. Let’s see how well you do!


Podcast Episode #196

“EGO….Here We Go !!”

The author speaks about how we need to be careful when it comes to our ego and humility. Satan is the master of lies and deception and he has no problem in convincing us to think more of ourselves than we should. We are reminded to give God the glory for anything and everything we are!  

Bro. “L”