Flip The Script

Podcast #243

A friend of the author with salty speech, chose bad business partners that left him with almost nothing monetarily! While trying to recover mentally and financially, he stumbles upon the truth of God’s word on FM radio and it changes everything about him – including his speech!

Bro. "L"

I Got 99 Problems but God Aint One

Podcast #242

The author humorously shows us how many of our problems are of our own making and, no matter what; God is still in control and is there to pick us up when we fall again! 

Bro. "L"

Love HOPES All Things!

Podcast #241

The author wants to assure us that HOPE is still alive and well but, at times we need to be reminded! From the chorus of a 60’s pop hit, to the words of a former president, to the eternal language of scripture, be encouraged!

Music by: Jesse Colin Young – 1967 – Get Together (music loop only)

Bro. "L"

Conventional Wisdom!

Podcast #240

A listener text in to complain about the younger generations lack of concern and attention, even when there are serious consequences to their actions. We reminded him that he has to use his wisdom to reach the youth where they are. We also take a look at what the Bible has to say about wisdom! 

Bro. "L"

Dance To The Music? Pay To The Piper…. ASK YOUR MAMA!

Podcast #239

The author looks back on the lyrics to a popular song from 1970 that draws its theme from a fable written in the 14th century. That theme still speaks to us today through scripture! 

Bro. "L"

Worth The Wait!

Podcast #238

Happy Resurrection Day!  The author speaks about the many things that we wait on that aren’t worth our time. However, we who are a part of the household- of- faith have Heaven ahead of us which scripture shows is well worth the wait! 

Bro. "L"

Different Mothers

Podcast #237

The author reminds us of that the Passion Week is the most important week on the Christian calendar and, though it’s true that we were all born of different mothers, we share the same heavenly FATHER! Be blessed on this Palm Sunday.

Bro. "L"

Well Meaning, In Error!

Podcast 236

A friend of the author who isn’t always a “Ray Of Sunshine” speaks of how he feels judged by the very group of people who should be the most open and understanding. The author points out how Jesus was willing to be involved in the lives of many who were quite different than Himself, and how the Bible points to how we should be! 

Bro. "L"

In-Studio Guest ROSE Pinckney

Podcast #235

Over the years our author has met many people with amazing stories of how God’s love, mercy, healing, and forgiveness has turned their lives from sorrow and darkness into a victorious journey full of love and light! Join us as we sit down with our sister Rose and hear how God has turned her mourning into dancing and strengthened her daily walk! 

Bro. "L"


Podcast #234

The author reflects on the value and importance of friendships and what the Bible tells us as well.

Bro. "L"

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