Podcast Episode #135

Be A Fruit Inspector !!


The author would like to caution the listeners to be kind and courteous but, on your guard against human wolves in sheep’s clothing who would seek to deceive you in order to achieve some sort of hidden agenda! There are those who will even use the Lord’s name in order to try and scam you!  – STAY ALERT – STAY PRAYED UP!

Podcast Episode #134

The Right Reason, The Wrong Method !!

One of the authors acquantances from back in his “BC” (Before Christ) days, shares some of his misguided attempts at being a righteous warrior. The author is quick to offer a small tidbit of Godly wisdom to those who think like his old acquaintance.    

Podcast Episode #133

Are You Being Influenced ??

The author asks a very important question…”Are You Being Influenced?” And if you are, who are you letting into your head? The author proposes a life changing suggestion in the midst of this short story, so listen UP !!

Special Music by: Stanley Clarke – Last Train To Sanity – UP !! –  2014

Podcast Episode #132

Did You See Their Reaction ??

The author reflects on how people react to certain events and are jaded by others. After a few examples, he goes on to show us how even in scripture there are those unashamed to react when God brings joy into their midst!

Podcast Episode #131

Sometimes, You Get What You Need !!

A distant acquaintance of the author tells him about how she came to the state of contentment and how she came to realize that Gods plan for her life worked out better that what she was shooting for!

Special music by: Rolling Stones – 1968

Podcast Episode #130

Will Judgement Never End ??

A very close aquaintance of the author recounts his experiences leaving behind the world of crime after coming to Christ and the trust issues that men have in believing that his conversion is real.

Podcast Episode #129

Please…Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One !!

The Author tell the story of one of his more comical aquaintances who is also a brother in Christ, and how his appearance and demeanor often leaves others wondering if he’s being serious or joking. We find that he is most serious about what’s most important!

Podcast Episode #128

An Otherwise Good Man !!

One of the authors best friends confides in him and reveals his secret sin. The friend as well as the listeners are reminded that there are absolutely no sinless people, and that God is quick to forgive a repentant heart!

Special music by: James Taylor – 1970

Podcast Episode #127

Magic?…NO, Miracle!!

The author retells the nearly hard-to-believe story from one of his closest friends, and the lesson that God implanted upon his heart. God is still in the business of producing miracles, but sometimes we’re just too busy to see them!

Podcast Episode #126

Order Two…One To Go!!

Two old friends of the author, while having lunch; discuss what the Bible says about mentoring those who are younger, even if you are a senior citizen!

Special music by: Stanley Clarke – 2014