Podcast Episode #79

Are  You  For  Real ??

A close friend of the author struggles with a few of life’s issues including people who claim to be of the “Household of Faith” but, their walk doesn’t reflect that?

Podcast Episode #78

My Plans Ain’t Worth Diddly but, God’s plans…

The author thinks back on one of his earlier trials when he first started walking with God; and how God used that trial to show the author His faithfullness!!

Podcast Episode #77

Despite  My  Best  Intentions !!

A Health Care worker is frustrated when a client who he’s invested a considerable amount of time in; relapses for reasons that he considers unexceptable.  Perhaps God is doing a work in him??

Podcast Episode # 76

Liking  J. J.  but  Loving  J. C. !!

The author points out the difference between contributions to mankind offered by a man, vs the contributions offered to mankind by the Son of Man!

Podcast Episode #75

I Love You but, I Don’t Like You Much!!  

A broken hearted daughter is forced to examine her true feelings about her absentee dad after her mother dies;  and is shown another way to think about his life!

Podcast Episode #73

Unmask the Lone Stranger !!

A retail clerk unwittingly challenges a robber and lives to tell about the goodness of God and not having a spirit of fear. Meanwhile, God sent an angel to bring a sense of peace and calmness!!

Podcast Episode #71

Your  Opinion  Is Wrong !!

A young man feels like he’s been ignored and disrespected by an elder, and mentally rails against him until he discovers a secret hidden in plain sight, and God gives him the right heart!