Podcast Episode #109


A listener writes the author to tell him of a few times in his life that he remembers meeting people who were pretending to be people of faith who loved God but were simply wolves in sheeps clothing, and how we need to be cautious of what people say and watch what they do!

Special music by Big Lou Bop – 2018 – “Pied Piper”.

Podcast Episode #108

For Better Or Worse….Okay?

Though the recording says #107, this is actually #108!

The author recalls stories from two of his closest friends that have parallel outcomes. He learned from them that people aren’t perfect and when you truly love someone; you take the bad with the good and, God gave us scriptural guidelines to help us over the rough patches!

Podcast Episode #105

The Road To Home !!

The author tells the story of a close friend and career musician who left the road to use his talents to serve God. After having a change of leadership where he serves, his dissatisfaction lead him to question if he was really playing for God’s glory or his own? Let’s see if he figured it out??

Special music by Bruce Hornsby -2006

Podcast Episode #104

Oh, Just Your Basic Garden Variety…

Based on a story the author remembers from one of his friends at a Lutheran Church; he reminds us that no matter what the world might think of our faith, or how they view us based on how we speak, dress, or live, we can never truly be de-valued as children of the most high God!

Special Music by “Public Enemy” 1988

Podcast Episode #103

From The Stripper Pole, To The Light, To Grace!!


The author re-tells a story from a friend he received two years ago and heard again this past week. The story unfortunately shines light on a young pastor who is still living in the world and in the flesh, while pastoring a flock who believe him to be true of heart. We will revisit this story in the future.

Special Music by: Big Lou Bop, Armored – 2018

Podcast Episode #102

Can Someone Please Turn Down The Heat!!

The author is given a story to tell about an old acquaintance and the trial he went through. He shows how even those of us who are believers are still just human and we can’t always keep it together despite knowing who we are in Christ!

Podcast Episode #101

Goodbye AGAIN !!

Recently, a young man facing extended incarceration has to say goodbye to his lady ¬†and then to his friends evoking heavy emotional suffering. The author draws the parallel of how Jesus’ disciples must have felt having to say goodbye to Him twice!

Special background music produced by “Big Lou Bop” , 2019

Podcast Episode #100

Err On The Side Of Kindness!!

A friend of the author describes how after many years of having a rigid personality, he was able to turn it around only to have his employer try to force a reversal! The author recounts his friends belief that there is a Satanic plot to keep us as a society separated and divided so that we will not bond or care for one another!