Podcast Episode #90

Baby-Steps…. in Transition !!

The author tells the story of a close friend whom he helped usher into their spiritual journey and, the baby-steps that were needed to leave the “Secular World View” and enter into a more “Biblical World View”!

Podcast Episode #89

The Prince Of Proverbs

The author recalls being introduced to a small town Wise-Man who took great pleasure in dispensing words of wisdom from his many years of living a simple life. He also shares his insights on the wisdom of Solomon!

Podcast Episode #88

Hey Lighten Up !!

(Renumbered – because of prior duplication)

A listener writes in to remind us that there is still plenty to smile about even in the most challenging times and at every turn remember that, God’s “got our back”!

Podcast Episode #81

Just  Edit  That  Part  OUT !!

A young man grows up with godly influence only to have his parents try to change his mind about his beliefs! What will he choose to do?

Special Music by Christian Artist Jonny Lang!