Hidden Treasure!

Podcast Episode#273

An old acquaintance of the author refused to put value in money or look at it as anything more than a tool. Even at a young age she put her trust and treasure in our Lord and Savior!

Bro. "L"

Bridging Our Trust

Podcast Episode #272

The author reflects on the events of the past week in the Baltimore Harbor and how they affected him. He also reminds us that God is still in control even when the world seems out of control.

Bro. "L"

Would I Hang With…The Old Me?

Podcast Episode #271

The author reconnected with an acquaintance from his past that remembers the wretch that he was before he was saved. The author reminds us that God is merciful and anyone can change if their heart first changes! Remember that we are all sinners saved by grace!

Bro. "L"

The Good Old Days!

Podcast #270

The author recalls a recent conversation with his friend who thinks that today’s times are worse than past times. Bro L points out how the last several generations have all had worrisome times but, WE are closer to Christ’s return!

Bro. "L"


Podcast Episode #269

We all want to be absolutely certain that we are making the right choices for our lives and also listening to what God’s will is for us so……how can we be sure, how can we get confirmation? Tune in.

Bro. "L"

Thanx 4 tha LOVE!!

Podcast Episode #267

The author is overwhelmed by the generosity of YOU the listener in this first push to get donations to help our homeless population with new, clean, dry, warm socks for the cold and wet nights ahead. God bless you!!

Bro. "L"

Homeless With Cold Feet!

Podcast Episode # 266

The author recalls a time in his own personal history when he was one of our many homeless, and the challenge it was to stay warm and healthy. That experience God gave him made him more empathetic to today’s street people. You can now help us help them! Give a listen!!

Bro. "L"

Uncle J-Ro’s Longevity!

Podcast Episode #265

The author wonders why God allows certain NoN-God honoring people to have great longevity while other saints have short lifespans here on Earth?

Bro. "L"

Encore Presentation: Where I First Heard The Christmas Story

Podcast Episode #264

For 56 years on national TV during Prime Time in the midst of the Christmas season, we watched the Christmas story told by Charlie Brown’s friend Linus as he proclaimed to the whole world the true meaning of Christmas. This would never happen today. If you were of this generation, consider yourself blessed!!

Bro. "L"

A Season Of Giving

Podcast Episode #263

During this season, we are reminded of how richly God has blessed us. Others have varied views on giving but we of the “household of faith” should be among the most generous givers; knowing how much God has shared with us!

Bro. "L"

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